Starting her career as a very successful lawyer she balanced two very different lifestyles, in 2007 Gayle took the leap to follow her love for the sport, and set up GW Equine (riding, breeding and training), which took off instantly. She grew up riding horses and has over 35 years of experience working with horses, Gayle worked for reputable and respected names in the business, in several disciplines, producing horses from unbroken to 1.45m and to winning at national dressage championships, additionally she holds her BHSI and UKCC Level 3 coaching qualifications. On top of this she trained riders and supplied horses for the pentathletes at the London 2012 Olympics, World Championships, Europeans and was Wellington Colleges equestrian coach.


Having bred and produced her own horses to top levels, over the years she has worked very closely with the best vets and physio’s in the country. Gayle respects and understands the importance of correct muscle sculpture and knows what it takes to create and maintain peak performance in horses, as-well as a depth of understanding in rehabilitation. Gayle always knew how invaluable the water treadmill work was to helping her achieve greatness in her horses, inspiring her to share the opportunity with more riders and their horses.


Gayle has a vast knowledge span, a sharp and trained eye for gait analysis leading her to an idea of incorporating a unique video analysis system with the water treadmill, making it efficient, clear and easy to measure progress and analyse the movement of the horse. A very special and valuable feature of our treadmill service, coming highly recommended by vets, physios and professional riders.


Devoted to inspiring and helping riders and horses all levels and disciplines achieve their goals, she believes the water treadmill perfectly compliments her mission to open opportunities for everyone to succeed and enjoy their own journey with their horse. 


Born and bred into horses, James has an abundance of experience and knowledge. He simply lives for horses. James has travelled the world as a professional groom working for some of the most talented riders. He has attended European Championships, Sunshine Tours and Winter Equestrian Festivals on the National and International circuit. James has been responsible for the care of all manner of horses from those young up and coming to those already successful at Grand Prix level. He is extremely experienced with stallions and his experience crosses many disciplines. Most recently James has been a key part of the GW Equine team and previously worked for Shirley Light at Brendon Stud, where they have a high quality breeding and producing programme. 


James has an exceptional ability to read horses, understand their behavior and adapt accordingly to their reactions.  He is able to make sure they feel safe and are trusting of different or new situations. James believes building a bond with a horse is one of the best feelings you can have and trains horses through encouragement and reward.


Having a positive and encouraging attitude towards horses, James always looks for the potential in a horse and follows a strong ethos to treat every horse with the same level of respect, no matter who they are. He enjoys working with all their different personalities making it equally exciting to work with new horses to the ones he’s already built a bond with. 


Having observed horses daily from birth to top level sport, James understands the bio mechanics of the horse and how best to improve those within breeding lines. This experience, put together with his ridden experience and finessed eye for detail, James truly understands the way a horse should move and how to work to achieve peak performance.


Zoe has been a crucial team member at GW Equine for 4 years, in the last 12 months she has been working towards an apprenticeship hosted by Haddon Training. She has a great natural empathy with horses and is a very talented rider, who has a promising future ahead of her.

She currently rides and competes some of the horses at GW Equine in show jumping and dressage, on top of teaching some of the younger riders. Zoe is devoted to the welfare of the horses and has a keen interest in sports performance and rehabilitation.


Our fully trained team are supported by Dr. Matthias Baumann who has been a specialist equine vet since 1994. Heading a veterinary practice in Munich, Dr Baumann, has run a rehabilitation centre for over 22 years. He is an expert in the latest use of all the latest hydro therapy technology as well as acupuncture and other complimentary treatments. Since 1998 he has been a certified appraiser for equestrian sports at the IHK Munich.


Dr. Baumann was an Event rider for over 35 years. He became German champion three times in his active riding career, winning team Gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and team Bronze at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He successfully coached the South Korean Eventing Team and is now a member of the Austrian Eventing Equestrian Team.