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Equine Aqua Power

The FMBS Aqua treadmill is a revolutionary product with outstanding reviews in the performance and rehabilitation field for equines.  The treadmill enables correct training of a horse working in a naturally balanced outline.  The option for increased strength and power is facilitated by the option for an adjustable degree of incline, speed and/or inclusion of chilled water resistance.   The horse walks on a moving belt and the water is added during the session. The FMBS treadmill provides a safe controlled environment. Water level and incline gradient is fully adjustable enabling progressive individual tailoring to your horse.  A customised multi-filtration system, together with our diligent cleaning regime, means our system is kept in the most sterile condition possible.  


The control panel is specifically designed for ease of changing water height, incline and speed.  This enables the operator to constantly watch the horse and instantly and quietly make alterations based on real time observations, fitness and medical history.  It is vital to be able to watch the horse and make adjustments without any pre-set programmes for best practice. Our head operators have extensive personal equine experience and additionally all our operators have undergone training with Dr. Matthias Baumann who has been working with treadmills for over 25 years from young horses to Olympic athletes. 

Equine Aqua Power

At Equine Aqua Power we believe that each horse and human partnership deserves our undivided attention, dedication and patience to obtain ultimate results.   Whether your horse is competing at the elite level, has experienced a medical set back or simply will enjoy the improved quality of life the aqua treadmill can provide, we are willing and able to provide an individual first class service.  


Our years of practical industry experience, together with our proven customer service sets us apart from the rest.   Our approach starts with great communication with our clients, this is a vital part of the process and the knowledge that can be shared between us makes the process smooth and comfortable for all.   We appreciate the commitment and trust needed in putting  your horses care in the hands of another and as an already successfully established training facility there is no-where more capable to send your horse.    Following years in the equestrian business we are experienced in handling all manner of horses with confidence and patience.    By carefully observing the horses we are able to make educated and considered judgments enabling each horse to receive the best experience and benefit from the specifically chosen settings.   We are regularly in contact with treating vets and appreciate the need for a team approach when dealing with elite horses and those returning to work.

We consider ourselves privileged to help in the journey of each of our clients with their equine partners.  Time is taken to listen to their specific needs, concerns and aims and we are able to assess and discuss how best to achieve them.   We are well equipped with our state of the art treadmill, extensive facilities in our breathtaking setting and look forward to sharing our knowledge and time with you. 

Horse Legs
Equine Aqua Power
The Benefits
Power and performance

Is developed through increased flexion in joints.

Initiates the use of core muscles with sustained periods of work.

Enhanced suppleness

Whilst working independently of a rider, the horse can learn to work in an uphill balanced outline with stomach muscles engaged and back lifting.

Stride length will increase and deep core strength will develop. Topline will improve and muscle memory will be laid down. Manifold benefits of hydrotherapy with chilled water.

Rehabilitation - Strengthening

The treadmill can be used safely for horses returning to work after injury (vet referral necessary).

The environment provides a blend of cold water resistance and buoyancy within which the horses work.

Low impact exercises safely begin the road to recovery.

Gradual and minor alterations in speed, incline and water level makes fittening and strength progressive and manageable.


Image by Kevin Delvecchio
Equine Aqua Power
How it works

Hydrotherapy has always been renowned for its muscle building properties and the temperature of the cold water in reducing pain and inflammation.

The competition horse has increased demand and strain placed upon their bodies and correct fitness preparation is vital to avoid injury, maintain health and wellbeing as well as to maximise performance.

If you consider the compression of the water to the limb, the fact that the water is eight times denser than air and combine this with the horses’ desire to lift his legs up and over the water, you are creating an amazing workout, add an incline and you are factoring in an additional workload of 30%.

Your horse will be using muscles that are hard to activate as a rider and without any weight restricting the lift of his back he works willingly in perfect symmetry in a straight line, stable and in a correct rhythm.

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