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Fully Trained Treadmill Therapists

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Our therapists have trained with German equine vet and 3 time Olympian Matthias Baumann, as well as Tonya Willingham, leading aqua treadmill trainer - so you can rest assured your horse is in good hands.

Our founder is a BHS I and UKCC level 3 coach and has produced horses and young riders to team GB level. Coaching at an elite level led Gayle to recognise and harness the benefits of water treadmills for rehabilitation and strength training.

In your session your horse will have the opportunity to acclimatise to the therapy room and treadmill. During an intro session we take it slowly, watching and listening to the horse’s movement and manner, only if we feel your horse is comfortable we will introduce a splash of water for your horse to get used to seeing, hearing and walking in the water.

Our treadmill has transparent doors and sides as well as an overhead viewing and operating platform so our therapists can closely monitor your horses movements.

Our approach starts with great communication with our clients, this is a vital part of the process and the knowledge that can be shared between us makes the process smooth and comfortable for all.

  • We will discuss your horse’s medical history and can consult with your vet where appropriate

  • Your horse will have the opportunity to acclimatise to the therapy room and treadmill

  • We will use the dry treadmill initially – only introducing water when we feel your horse is confident.

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