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How Can Aqua Treadmill Training Help Your Horse?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Whether you are looking to put greater power into your performance or sculpture correct muscle development, aqua treadmill training is a great way to include variety in a very controlled environment.

At Equine Aqua Power our state of the art aqua treadmill is designed to improve fitness, stamina, stride length, muscle tone and strength. Used by both the elite and amateur your horse can benefit from structured fitness training on the treadmill with one of our qualified therapists.

'Water treadmill exercise has many potential benefits when integrated into a training or rehabilitation programme, including an increase in range of movement of lower limbs, increased lumbar flexion, decreased impact shock, and an opportunity to cross train (thereby reducing injury risk) in a controlled environment.'

Equine Water Treadmill Exercise Guidelines Produced by the Equine Hydrotherapy Working Group

  • Water naturally creates resistance for more effective muscle build up and increase in stamina

  • Water depth reduces weight bearing by 40-60%

  • The FMBS belt is made from shock absorbing material - further reducing risk of strain on joints, ligaments and tendons

  • Working on an even, straight surface promotes even muscle build up and straight moving horses

  • Controlled and monitored environment ensures a safe way to train

  • Reduces recovery time by up to 50-60% after injury

  • Improves horses who are naturally uneven and struggle with balance

'Aquatic exercise affects both balance and strength, which translates into improved dynamic control on land.'

American Journal of Veterinary Research

The competition horse has increased demand and strain placed upon their bodies and correct fitness preparation is vital to avoid injury, maintain health and wellbeing as well as to maximise performance. Whether your horse is competing at the elite or amateur level, power and performance can be developed through increased flexion in joints from aqua treadmill training. At Equine Aqua Power we design training programmes to suit your horse and your goals.

'Exercise in water offers many potential benefits for equine athletes, including:
  • Improved aerobic capacity

  • Increased joint range of motion through the limbs and back.

  • Improved use of arthritic limbs

  • Minimizing segmental accelerations of the

  • Forelimb and decreasing impact shock'.

Consensus for the General Use of Equine Water Treadmills for Healthy Horses - MDPI

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