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What Happens At An Aqua Treadmill Session?

Updated: May 3, 2023

Visiting the treadmill for the first time can be a nervous experience for some horses.

Our trained therapists ensure we only ever go at your horses pace. If your horse would be more settled with a companion we can accommodate two horses in our treadmill room at a time.

In the first session your horse will initially warm up on a dry treadmill, water is then gradually introduced. During the intro session we take it slowly, watching and listening to the horse’s movement and manner, only if we feel your horse is comfortable we will introduce a splash of water for your horse to get used to seeing, hearing and walking in the water. The intensity of the session can be adjusted by regulating the depth of the water and speed of the treadmill.

We make sure your horse is comfortable and relaxed walking on and standing on the treadmill before we start work. It’s really important for us that we ensure your horse has confidence in us and on the treadmill so that your horse relaxes and can benefit fully from the session.

The resistance of the water provides a controlled and more intense workout than land training. Use as part of your regular programme to help build your horses core strength and reduce the risk of injury.

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